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Satisfying your need for Zombie Feet Pics. ZombieFeet is a collection of hand-drawn NFTs, buried in the Polygon Blockchain. 10,000 ZombieFeet combinations have been randomly generated, from over 290 traits. Designed by the owners of Squishy Creative, LLC, a husband and wife team in Chester County, Pennsylvania, ZombieFeet was created as a family endeavor with their sons' eagerly participating in the brainstorming. The kids came up with some of the best ideas!

ZombieFeet is part of the Build-A-Zombie Collective - four Zombie part collections made up of the ZombieFeet collection as well as the future ZombieLegs, ZombieBody, and ZombieHead. The whimsy of the ZombieFeet collection will continue for the rest of the parts as each additional collection will contain gruesomely fun traits.

According to their roadmap, they intend to release the remaining collections after the initial launch and provide them to all original ZombieFeet NFT holders free of charge (not including gas fees).

Apr 2022
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