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Zeeverse: Genesis Masks

Genesis Mask is your Premium Utility Pass to Zeeverse. Distributed to the earliest players via free mint, these NFTs are the centrepiece of the ecosystem and carry an ever-expanding set of benefits to their holders.

Current utility:
-‎ Priority access to future collections -‎ $ZEEV governance token allocation.
-‎ In-game boosts (XP, $VEE and +APY% rewards ingame).
-‎ Community status & special in-game wearables.
-‎ Voting privileges in Mask DAO (TBA)

Stake Your Genesis Masks

About Zeeverse
Zeeverse is a F2P monster-tamer MMORPG set in an indigenous fantasy world.

Explore a mythical Spirit Realm as a young Shaman, train your collection of exotic battle companions called Zee, and take part in strategic turn-based battles to help protect Zeeverse from the looming corrupted forces

Play now: (PC, Android, iOS)

Jun 2022
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