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Yang Rebah Bangun, Karena Terinjak by Rukmunal Hakim

"The life of a person who goes up and down, is uncertain" is another meaning of "Yang Rebah Bangun, Karena Terinjak". Summarizes the many things that have happened during my nearly eleven years as a self-taught artist. The collection of visual works here are stories of how I see the path of my journey as an artist who has never been on a flat and straight path. It is boring to hear about someone's struggles when they become an artist, such as the love and heartbreak pop songs that are repeated over and over again. This is also a question for myself, until when to make works that are always about self-internalization? How about a work in the form of social commentary? Does the work I create have a place and function for society? Or is it just an artist's creative masturbation? These questions are part of my work journey. Intertwined with the inability to identify self-image, low self-esteem, to the urge to commit suicide. An extreme ride like a roller coaster.

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Feb 2021
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