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Yaasmyn Fula - The Untold Story of Tupac Amaru Shakur & Yaki Kadafi Fula

Spirit of an Outlaw by Yaasmyn Fula, Kadafi’s mother, reveals the truth of Kadafi and Tupac’s lives and exposes the underbelly of resistance that raised them. From their earliest years until the end, she was the family photographer and curator. Many photos were confiscated by state agencies but fortunately, many were preserved. Their legacies, though commodified and distorted, are resurrected in never before seen images now giving context to their spirited lyrics and plans for a better world.

Yaasymyn’s NFTs are a collection and photo journal that captures the true essence of their relationship and the Codes passed down to them. There was always a Code of Women to whisper in their ears, teaching them courage, honor, and love. This NFT drop is the story of their love and devotion to each other as told through the eyes of one of those women. The true spirit of Yaki and Tupac is preserved in their music, and with this NFT collection.

Jan 2022
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