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World Save Ukraine by Holy Water

#WorldSaveUkraine is an NFT charity collection aiming to raise $1M+ for Ukraine via donating 100% sales and royalties directly to Ukraine’s official wallet. We’ve united 400+ Ukrainian artists, including the most famous ones, who submitted their artworks for the collection. Russia has not just invaded Ukraine but challenged the whole democratic world that we’ve been building for centuries. Our belief is that the web3 community in collaboration with artists can have a huge impact on the current events and help stop this war. Only by uniting and acting together we can win and rebuild Ukraine which which is now fighting for the whole world.

We are a 100% Ukrainian team that is working on the project 24/7 from Ukraine, sometimes from bomb shelters. You can learn more about our team here and connect with us if you have any questions or would like to support Ukraine MINT IS LIVE! 80 unique artworks and 120 edition each, total 9600 NFTs.

Слава Україні!

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