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The Women's Rights NFT Charity Event

17+ women from across the world to raise money for the vetted charities they personally choose within their communities that work within the realms of women's rights, contraception aid, and needed healthcare services. This is where NFTs will be used to create actionable social good and provide much-needed services to those who need them, now.

Each of our featured artists is choosing a women's rights charity to provide their auctioned funds to. 95%-100% of each auctioned piece will go to the charity and an optional, per artists choice, 5% will go to the artist.

Why women's rights? A large part of our organizations are women and to think that any of us don't get equal rights, access, and healthcare is well..infuriating and terrifying. We have the ability to create change that lasts and start a ripple of social good events that give us, as a community, the autonomy over our own rights.

Dec 2022
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