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Wishes - Artists for Charity 2022

The internationally renowned art photographer and curator of the Digital Art section at PHOTOPIA Hamburg 2022, André Wagner, and the experienced programmer and web3 evangelist, Andreas Berghammer, have once again combined their power. Wagner has gathered 23 well-known artists who will each gift one digital artwork in the 'Artists for Charity Advent Calendar 2022' with the aim of raising funds for girls in India. It has been a life long dream for André Wagner to be able to provide a great amount of funds to help girls in India. Girls and young women in particular are still very disadvantaged in India. The funds are distributed by Lalita e.V. who are very experienced with projects in India and ensure that the money reaches the girls and their families. André Wagner has travelled with Lalita e.V. to India several times. 'Reflections of India' on Opensea is a series of photographs André Wagner took on these journeys. When you head to the mint page you will be asked to make a donation.

Nov 2022
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