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Wild Etiquette

Wild Etiquette is my first NFT collection, created in anticipation of the 15th anniversary of my international career in product design. I came up with 25 unique graphic works in which I remember objects created in different years, including those that are still being produced and sold on all continents of the world. The collection also shows concepts that have never been produced, however, it made the design community pay attention to me back in 2008 and began my career.However, not the objects became the main motif of the Wild Etiquette NFT Collection, but 25 paradoxical characters who, through their unusual images, present these objects through my wild fantasies. Wild Etiquette is a vibrant collection of works where I have shown controversial, often absurd and frightening images that you can't put down. The dark figure of a man transforms from work to work, acquiring strange forms, each time placed in an unexpected context, posing questions and not answering any of them.

Sep 2022
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