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Widefield Dreams

Humans have dreamed of and studied the stars since the beginning of history. To know the stars and motion of the planets has always been a valued pursuit. Since the dawn of civilisation, we have built to reach for the heavens from the ziggurats of Mesopotamia to the skyscrapers of Manhattan humans have sought to build towards the heavens. Last century we first visited space and new telescope technology unlocked the ability to see and record the cosmos.

In the last decade entry level camera equipment has advanced to the point where it allows us to explore the wonders of space in our own backyards. This collection seeks to highlight how an average person can unlock and explore the wonders of space with basic photography equipment.

The equipment used to take these images is limited to a star adventurer star tracker, a 135mm F2 prime lens and an entry level dslr. The collection will be expanded over time and will include collectors rewards, including raffles and air drops.

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Apr 2022
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