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The Paulownia tree from the genesis collection UZB-23 is a unique opportunity to own a piece of the future. This ecological tree is sought-after in China, Japan, Europe and the USA, and its value is only going to increase in the years to come.

With this NFT, you gain access to a closed club of investors, where members can get the potential to profit up to 370% on investment contracts related with REAL TREES at the Plantations of Web3eco in Uzbekistan. There is one of the most promising countries for paulownia cultivation, and the demand for paulownia wood is only going to grow on the nearest markets.

Paulownia trees are valued all over the world for their unique properties. They are fast-growing, drought-resistant, and can be harvested for their premium wood after just a few years. The average income per tree is $150. Removing of CO2 is minimum 0.3 tonn per 1 tree (cycle).

There is no possibility to pass our investment club’s KYC and to join the club to earn profit for USA citizens

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Jul 2023
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