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Stobox Water Rabbit 2023

Chinese believe there is a 12-year Zodiac where each year has its own master, an animal who rules throughout the year. In addition, 5 elements determine the unique features of the symbol of the coming year. 2023 will be held under the sign of the Water Rabbit.

Stobox Water Rabbit 2023 is not only a tribute to ancient Chinese culture. Rabbits are always aware of what is happening around them and are fast on the go. So the Stobox Water Rabbit symbolizes progress, energy, delicacy, and friendliness. It reflects the spirit of the time and makes you think about the duality of our world perception. On the one hand, we live in a real-world of tasks and life problems; on the other hand, we are driven by the passion for innovation and mastering the future. We want to share all these merits via these cute NFTs.

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