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Wasteland by Mowgly Lee

Post Photographic Perspectives II: Acceptable Realities is Fellowship's second group show celebrating a new wave of innovation in AI video and photography.

Wasteland by Mowgly Lee

"Wasteland" stands as a testament to the allure that emerges from chaos and devastation. Its imagery portrays a post-apocalyptic world, where humanity grapples with survival amidst the remnants of a once-thriving civilization. The dominant presence of stark, brutalist concrete structures symbolizes the arrogance of mankind, while towering heaps of waste and debris serve as poignant reminders of the repercussions of our actions.

Within this desolation, an uncanny tranquility permeates the captured images. Inhabitants move with deliberate, almost meditative grace, as if they have come to terms with their fate and found solace amidst the ruins. Employing lighting and set design rooted in the theatrical tradition, the series evokes a sense of grandeur and spectacle, simultaneously beautiful and disquieting.

Jul 2023
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