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MESSI road to glory, by RAPT_10.

Messi is the new guy in the hood in Miami.

Three world-class soccer photographers have decided to trust my idea to assemble a bunch of photos portraying his career with Argentina National team, little known from the general public, since he spent most of his life in Spain.

It all started back in 2004 in Argentina - the part of the story covered by Carlos Sarraf and Ricardo Alfieri, co-founder of RAPT_10, the professional who had already extensively portrayed Maradona.

The other part of the collection is told by Pier Giorgio Giavelli, an Italian globetrotter settled in Brazil. Together, they have 27 World Cups on their backs.

The joint-venture is tuned up by a unique shot of Vincent Machenaud - the French journalist who for years handled the Ballon d'Or issue for the magazine France Football - drinking mate at Messi's house in Barcelona.

A successful international soccer journey initiated in Colombia 2005 and glorified in Qatar 2022.

And scheduled to continue now at #InterMiami

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Jul 2023
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