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W4PWR - Women 4 Power NFT Collection

Women4pwr - Phase I - Women of Samba: the sound of women protagonism An exclusive collection that celebrates Brazilian sambistas who fought to gain space in a male-dominated scene and influenced generations. The voices that broke barriers, the rhythm that most represents Brazil was also, for a long time, the scene of gender inequalities. A cry for injustice and social segregation, samba has its roots in the hills and conquered the population by featuring everyday scenes. However, even with such a noble purpose, samba also marginalized and reduced the presence of women in its first batuques.

But, overcoming prejudices and barriers, women were gaining prominence and conquering the space that is rightfully theirs.

Through historical voices, they were also able to sing their pain, anguish, joy and celebrate samba.

The NFT Women4PWR collection “Mulheres do Samba” tells the story of five of these sambistas who, at different times, gave voice to female protagonism and today serve as an ins

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Apr 2022
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