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Image generated by an interactive app of my authorship developed in Processing This collection are a selection of frames from a second session of the app, they are frozen images. Videos of the visual process of the dynamics of the particle system will be available shortly. The app creates a canvas that is a system of particles. The particles are linked by virtual springs and together they make up the tulle. On the tulle, the app stamps the frames of the webcam capture. The brightness bubbles of the frames act like the breeze on the tulle that in this way begins its flaming movement. In short, the app generates moving images, this movement is impelled by the brightness bubbles of the frames of the webcam capture. If a person faces the camera or a moving object, these bubbles change, some disappear, others appear, change their size, position and all this impacts on the tulle. We have achieved interactivity between the app and us. Tulle responds with its own dynamic of forces.

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Jun 2021
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