Visual Scout Fine Arts

This collection is a exclusive series of NFTs linked to real paintings.

The artists are all rapresented by our agency and we don't ask them any fee to be sponsorized, We promote and sell their artworks on various platforms and in our e-commerce and we take only the 10% of the final price of the NFT.

The rest belongs to the artists.

Wtih this project we want to help talented Fine Art painters and sculptors to get closer to the digital art market.

We transform all of their paintings in digital 3D paintings. We use a particular shading to digitalize also the paint brushes and give to the user the real experience of the painted colors.

With every NFT you will get also the real painting. Shipping costs are included in the NFT price. DM to give us your shipping details.

We are authorized by the artists to publish the artworks and manage the transactions.

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