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About this collection

VISIBLE FROGS is a collection of 10,000 traditional 3D animated frog loops, belonging to the FROGBORGS universe.

The Visible Frogs walk forever with all the nihilistic actutude necessary to surf the blockchain without dying trying.

Each Collector to Mint will get exclusive 1M airdrop of our HKDAO token which will be a key factor for the next phases of our project.

0.5% minted55 / 10,000
Public Stage
0.021 ETH
March 24 at 4:00 PM UTC
Mint schedule
Price: 0.017 ETH
Price: 0.021 ETH

🐸 Animated Visible Frogs !

Visible Frogs is a 3d animated collection of 10,000 unique characters with all the nihilistic attitude needed to surf the blockchain.

🐸 A Concept Behind ?

Visible is not the same as Notable, but neither is what is visible obviously what we see, sometimes it is necessary to read between the lines.

“Wooo. It's like a drug. Wearing these glasses gets you high, but you come down hard.” They Live Movie (1988)

🐸 The FrogBorgs Universe

Visible Frogs are the last 100% organic survivors in Last Bunker HKDAO World , although they live in harmony, the laws require them to show what they are so that the cyborgs respect and protect them as much as possible.

🐸 World-class Artists and technology

Developed by artists of the highest level, with special care in mood and artistic design , in addition to using the most advanced GPU rendering technology and visual effects Tools.