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View From The Moon (angelbaby ft. Stolar)

“View From The Moon” is the second music NFT in the hume NFT ecosystem. These 50 limited edition tokens will grant you a spot on the allowlist for the Hume Genesis and are also the second ever music NFT from hume metastar, and the world’s most famous Fluf, angelbaby. This is also the first music NFT featuring Hume Chief Artist Officer Stolar.

In the name of building an open and creative metaverse, angelbaby and the hume collective invited moonbirds from across the metaverse to appear on the cover art. This is a first of its kind moment in which a song cover was chosen with the fans. Moonbird #4484 was chosen during a token gated hume collective decision between angelbaby and Moonbird NFT holders.

we are hume. we are many.

Jun 2022
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