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Vhigh! Avatar Gen 0.0

🇯🇵NFT&Vtuber | Our aim is to empower metaverse by supporting creators of VTuber from Japan.

From the day we were born, we have the fate to live with how we were born to look subconsciously. Someone said that the way you look makes a big difference in how easy it is to live your life. How unfair could it be? We want to create the world, where it does not matter what you look like, but a world where people can live with the look of their choices. “Vhigh!” strongly believes in it and creates NFT avatars that live in the metaverse and by owning your favorite choice of NFT, you are no longer bound by what you really look like. You can live with the look of your own decisions. Cheers to Vhigh!

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Jan 2022
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