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Veil Of The Gods - CHARACTERS

This is a collection of character studies from Caiseal Mor's sci-fi fantasy Graphic Novel, Veil Of The Gods.

Each NFT is a unique 1 of 1 piece, minted on the Polygon Blockchain. ONLY 33 WILL EVER BE MINTED IN THIS COLLECTION. Grab yours now for the early-bird prices! Floor is set to rise.

Each piece is intricately crafted by Caiseal, with various steps in the artistic process.

Veil Of The Gods is a dynamic project of epic proportions. Essentially, it's a graphic novel, with the story being told across a variety of formats & stages.

This Genesis Collection is part of Stage 1 of Ziggetai's VOTG project.

Each 1 of 1 piece tells a micro-story, in itself. Like pieces of a puzzle, these tokens can match with others & begin to reveal the bigger story.

Holders of any of the pieces from this collection will be automatically whitelisted for our upcoming ORACLE CARD DECK COLLECTION (a very special drop). Revealing soon!

For more info on Ziggetai's project, visit

Apr 2022
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