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Veil Of The Gods - GLYPHS

A collection of Glyphs used in Caiseal Mor's Graphic Novel story, Veil Of The Gods. This scifi-fantasy story features a magical system based on the ideas of Austin Osman Spare- a well-known 20th century artist and magical practitioner.

Spare played around with medieval ideas of magic, especially the Norse magical tradition of Galdr and came up with his own system based on graphics to empower his spells. He called them sigils.

We've developed his ideas much further for the storyline of Veil of the Gods. We call the symbolic designs GLYPHS, rather than sigils and we've named the system of magic in Veil of the Gods - MAHJUTI.

Each glyph has its own unique attributes and qualities.

Only 33 will ever be minted in this collection!

Holders of any of the pieces from this collection will be automatically whitelisted for our upcoming DESTINY CARD DECK COLLECTION (a very special drop). Revealing soon!

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Apr 2022
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