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Fromoville unREAL ESTATE

The FROMO is REAL... estate. Surreal Estate if you will.

The Happy Little Hairdos unReal Estate Group is listing 6 metaverse properties for purchase in the Fromoville Mall. With each purchase, the owner can choose where their link points to on the internet, whether it be another metaverse location or simply a website.

*restrictions apply

Once you become the proud owner of a Fromoville space, you have the opportunity to sell or transfer your ownership at your discretion. If you sell your NFT Space, the new owner sets new links.

As a token of appreciation, every purchase of a NFT Space in Fromoville will come with a special "phygital" key. This tangible key, equipped with near-field communications, serves as a delightful reminder of your virtual ownership and adds a touch of magic to your Fromoville experience.

links may not be to potentially offensive content such as hate speech, pornography, violence, or any other thing Bob would object to.

Aug 2022
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