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UniFighter Cats

A Collection of UniFighter Cats out there in MetaVerse to fight for the right cause. Their will knows no power and they are strong-armed and united.
This early launch is very limited and exclusive and has only 59 NFTs are minted. These are THE ORIGINAL UNIFIGHTER CATS .

Every NFT unlocks you for a customized ownership certificate that authenticates you to be a proud member of Unifighter Cat Club. Follow our Instagram and Telegram for the future rewards that come with the ownership of these NFTs. These Cats will level up or down randomly based on their agility, power and will before you can mint it.

Every owner of the NFT would have access to future UNIFIGHTER CATS NFTs at discounted prices and access to the club events.

Stay tuned , subscribe to our Instagram and Telegram channel.

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Mar 2022
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