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Unbecoming by Jimena Buena Vida

About this collection

This artwork serves as a portal to symbolism and metaphor, where art becomes the key to unlocking the untold.

Following the mint, holders will be able to purchase physical prints on a first come, first served basis via a token gated site:

35 of each print will be available, signed by Jimena.

Unbecoming, the initial, mintable piece, explores the process of shedding old skins and embracing change. Graceful deconstruction of geometric forms revealing the beauty beneath, symbolising the art of deconstruction creating space for new beginnings.

Totality, a second artwork, will be airdropped to holders of the Audio Galleries Mint Pass who mint 'unbecoming', represents the birth of fresh perspectives and ideas as we welcome fragmentation and imperfection. It encapsulates the embrace of new views, past experiences, transcending limitations, and connection with our ever-evolving universe.

This collection invites viewers on a personal journey of interpretation, navigating life's twists and turns, unlocking the potential of artistic expression to convey the unspoken truths of our human experience.

See roadmap for mint, airdrop and phygital information.

Meet Jimena

Jimena is a TIMEPieces artist and council member. In July 2023, she became the Artist in Residency at Bright Moments.

Her art has been shown globally, from Times Square's massive billboards to countries like Spain, Colombia, Brazil, and China.