Tupac Martir: Unique

*Physical sculptures come with the NFT upon purchase. See here: https://gazell.io/artwork/unique/

Tupac Martir presents his series: 'Unique'. "Cipi" which means butterfly in Huichol, is the latest extension of a bigger concept called "Unique".

Unique is a graphic novel composed of 96 phrases and drawings which Tupac wrote from 5-7 am every day for 18 months. In it, he questions his personal human identity and feelings such as fear and joy. "Cipi" takes inspiration from the drawings and music and explores the evolution of a human, the transmutation of life and death. The piece is currently in three moments called Yici, which means different. Although all three are similar in elements, they also vary in their execution and technique. The physical element of the piece, are a physical representation of the thoughts of the ideas, taking space in the world, this existing as a physical entity, not just as a thought that could be forgotten.

Each artwork is certified by Verisart.

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