Tupac in his Hummer 14 days Before his Death & Michael Jordan Breaking Up A Fight at the MGM Grand.

Tupac Shakur in his brand new Hummer on a Los Angeles Street a few days before his murder on Sept. 7, 1996 in Las Vegas. He is holding up his fingers in response to a question about how many times he was shot during an incident on November 30th 1994. This photo was licensed by RR Auction to authenticate and help sell Tupac's H1at auction in August of 2017, for $206,000. According to USA Today, one of Jordan’s bodyguards pushed a man out of the way, and the man responded by shouting at the bodyguard. Jordan stepped in between the two of them and defused the situation before leaving. While Jordan was trying to get to his car, bystanders were making desperate pleas to get Jordan to look in their direction. "Michael I buy all your shoes please, Michael please man, I buy all your gear Mike, I got every number. Mike, Mike, Mike, Just look this way please." If Beeple's 5000 Day's sold for $69,000,000. Then ultra rare NFT's 1/1 of Tupac & Michael Jordan is surely worth $2,500,000.

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