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TSA Penguin

A collection of 12,888 unique PenguinPunks curated by TSA Incubator and living on the Ethereum, Polygon and Binance Smart Chain. The NFTs come in different rarity levels: Normal, Rare & Super Rare.

Each NFT holder is entitled to receive a TSANFT blindbox which can be staked in the TSA Staking Pool and start your journey to learn to farm Shib, Doge & other popular tokens, which can be converted easily to BTC, ETH, Matic & BNB . Upon completing staking and opening your blind box , you will obtain a random and well-designed TSANFT which you can either sell to the TSA NFT marketplace or continue to stake to farm. (1 for 3) Reveal will take place upon public sale or before March 18 .

Supporting NFT for good in Youth DeFi Project by giving 5% of proceeds received from sale back to the PenguinPunks 3 year NFT Staking Pool for learning adoption in DeFi.

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