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Trinley Dechen of MetaU Art

About the Collection:

This collection is created by MetaU Art ( for Tibetan artist Trinley Dechen's artworks. The original artworks are oil paintings.The NFT collection is created from his original paintings, exclusively represented by MetaU Art.

About Artist Trinley Dechen: B. 1987, Trinley Dechen was born, educated in Tibet, now lives and works in Shigatse, Tibet. He is one of the young talented artists in Tibet, who already had five solo exhibitions and more than ten group exhibitions at the early stage of his career. He graduated from College of Art, Tibet University with MFA in 2015.

​His artworks are mainly oil paintings combined with Expressionism style with Tibet bright color with big contrast. This distinctive style makes his artworks stand out from the traditional Tibet paintings.

Trinley Dechen bio

Oct 2022
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