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Tree Lover at Heart - Artist - Jeweliyana Reece

It’s true, I confess, I have a thing for trees. I photograph them on my daily walks. I plan hikes and bikes around seeing them, like larches in the fall or aspens on rainy spring day. I even love the dead ones - standing like silent sentinels over the rebirth of a forest after a fire. These magnificent symbiotic friends provide food, medicine, shelter beauty and comfort. They contribute a huge amount of oxygen for us to breathe. They’re a beautiful reminder that we are all perfect with our imperfections and they hold the grace of those words “just be” How could anyone not love them. I can’t help but want to try and capture some of their awesomeness in my art from swirling a tiny drop of glass paint with a pin for a knot to laying it on thick with a palette knife for bark, it’s all like hanging out with something you love.

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Sep 2021
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