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tranSapiens NFT Official

About this collection

An original collection of NFT consisting of 4567 pieces of unique hand drawings in total, aiming to further connect our lives with Ethereum blockchain.

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tranSapiens World

A scientist finally dares to try out the time machine he has invented. But as a result of miscalculations, he teleports himself to 160,000 years ago. That is, to the era where Homosapiens lived. However, in order to return to his own time line, he has to wait for the time machine to be ready to teleport again. The scientist begins to explore the surroundings. During the exploration, he sees a cave and hears voices from inside, and he goes inside the cave to find out what these voices are that he hears.

When he enters the cave, he sees that a predatory animal is trying to attack Homosapiens.

Then he picks up the Homosapiens and begins to move rapidly away from the cave. He hurriedly enters the time machine to teleport with the homosapiens he has rescued and starts the teleportation process. Since he can’t set the teleportation setting properly, they are all teleported to different places in today’s world. Let’s see what happened to these Homosapiens. Have they been able to keep up with today’s world or not…


The Sapiens, who were teleported to two different points in today's world, continue their extraordinary journey by gathering at these distinct locations. Despite the striking similarities between the two groups, there is one notable difference that sets them apart: their haircuts.

Amidst the wonders of modern civilization, the two factions have found themselves inadvertently divided, labeled as West-Sapiens and East-Sapiens by the modern world. Yet, despite this division, they share the same fundamental desires, hopes, and dreams.

Join us on this captivating journey as we explore the extraordinary lives of the West-Sapiens and East-Sapiens. Witness the beauty of their encounters, the challenges they face, and the profound connections they forge along the way.

Choose Your Side !

Embark on an exhilarating journey as the East clashes with the West in a battle of skill, wit, and determination. Brace yourself for heart-pounding competitions, intense duels, and exclusive events that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Claim your rightful place among the champions and seize the opportunity to win incredible surprises and coveted rewards.

Join us now and become a part of this extraordinary saga where the thrill never fades. Let your spirit soar and unleash your inner champion. The stage is set, and greatness awaits those who dare to compete in the epic East-West showdown.

Are you ready to etch your name in history?

Are You Ready to Explore?

We are at a point where the Sapiens have undergone an extraordinary transformation in the Transapiens world. We stand at the beginning of this incredible journey, eagerly awaiting what lies ahead.

Take your place in this enchanting adventure. As we move forward with curiosity and a desire for progress, we embrace a shared destiny, a community where dreams intertwine, driven by unity and where goals are achieved.


Discover the deep depths of connection, curiosity and friendship with our fascinating visual. let transport you to a realm where lively conversations dance, ideas bloom with brilliance and unbreakable friendships are established. Embrace the exquisite beauty of human connection, because in these extraordinary moments we truly come alive by embracing the essence of our being.