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With unique assets traded and stored on the blockchain, classic games are taking on a new life. Decentralized networks mean players and collectors can now trade in-game items on third-party platforms and marketplaces, fundamentally changing the way online ownership is perceived in the digital era.

Buy and sell digital collectible trading cards from the likes of Sorare, Gods Unchained, and $MEME on OpenSea.

Trending collections in Trading Cards

Moonbase is a new DeFi primitive built by GHOULS and designed to encourage alignment, growth, and co...
CryptoTendies are the Official Collectible Card Game of the Tendies Ultraverse.
SNKR Cards

Digital Collectible SNKR Cards - Created by Eric Pagsanjan -


The Official Bondly Collectible Card Game
Stars & Sponsors
Collect authenticated posters, photographs, clips and digital artwork of your favorite stars and spo...
Classic Computer Collectible Cards
A tribute to the machines that inspired a generation in the 1980s. These cards collate a piece of co...
**All Star Freaks is a digital collectible card series of Freak All Star athletes and personalities....
Ether Jam
Collect and trade limited run NFT basketball cards. Each card is illustrated based on a player's nic...
Ether Legends
Collectible Trading Card Game using Ethereum, Matic and Enjin networks --- available on iOS and Andr...
Locked Cards

These are a wrapped form of Curio Cards that are locked and cannot be unwrapped.

Curio Cards that c...

Otter Army

A collection of cute and cuddly otters :)

1000/1000 Available Now! :)

SAVE THE OTTERS: A percentag...

Lux Cards

The People's NFT — 👉Learn more: 👋Join the Community: