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Good vs Evil by Toni Sanchez

Since the dawn of time, humanity has been faced with the ultimate battle between good and evil. In every moment, each of us must choose which path to take, whether to listen to the angel or the devil on our shoulders. These choices are not always easy, because the correct answer is not always obvious, and even when it is, it is engrained in our human design to be tempted by evil. Because of this, we find that we all often play both the protagonist and the enemy, the dark and the light. Spanish-born artist, Toni Sanchez, captures the essence of this debacle in his colorful, comic book-inspired collection, “Save The World”. His work is executed in a fun, dynamic, and engaging style that excitedly screams Pop Art. Each of his 5 unique pieces reminds us that within us all lies both a superhero and a villain. Will we join forces to save the world, or let our temptation for evil divide us?

Oct 2022
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