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The timelessness of lockdown

The timelessness of lockdown since the Pandemic period started with all issues for the humanity that everybody knows. So the idea of time that we knew before is collapsed, and it will never be the same again.To be more precise, the things we did two years ago appear to us as if they were made the day before yesterday.This picture speaks of the disorientation and discomfort of space and time that everybody felt.The second concept is the idea of beauty. The transparent helmet is an evident reference to the pandemic period and represents the idea of a beautiful princess locked in a glass bubble.The artist wants to talk about beauty. Often beauty becomes a limit because it expresses power and control and can make you lose the sense of reality. Therefore it can distort the vision of what is true and false.The last topic is how artificial intelligence as computer laptops and smartphones, has taken up a lot of space in our daily lives during the lockdown.

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Oct 2022
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