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"SNUG" series

■ SNUG's Art Gallery ■
Will be updated to the ERC-721 collection.

"SNUG" series is not generative, but each piece is handmade by the creator : Tigerclove. By developing a variety of series without being limited to one format, we aim to create an exciting art project for the long term. The maximum collection will be 1000 items!

"SNUG" is a fairy that has a habit of snuggling up to its host and giving them good luck in exchange for eating their loneliness and anxiety.

Rules : "SNUG" series artwork cannot be used for commercial purposes, but can be used for personal use, such as setting it as an icon for social networking sites or printing it out and displaying it on the wall of a room. If you have any questions, please send a DM to the Tigerclove Twitter account.

■ Collection Lists ■

"SNUG" series : Beyond

"SNUG" series : DOPEST

Aug 2021
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