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Tibet: In Search of Shangri-La by Michael Yamashita

Nifty Gateway - Homepage Takeover - January 27th, 2022. Sold out in 28 minutes.

Over the many years I’ve been traveling to Tibet, the Tibet Autonomous Region has undergone rapid modernization. Multi-floor office buildings now rise up next to temples; highways and railways are replacing the gravel and dirt roads of the not-too-distant past. With all these fast-disappearing sights and traditions, much of what I have photographed in Tibet is growing increasingly rare. That’s why I am releasing these images for my latest NFT collection – as a record of what once was.

Given that much of the value of an NFT lies in its rarity, it’s appropriate that my photographs preserve and celebrate the singular beauty that is the Tibet that I have grown to know and love. It is my hope that my photographs will, like the spirit of Tibetan Buddhism, help enrich a world so in need of faith and hope and send out positive energy like prayer flags blowing peace and kindness with the winds.

Jan 2022
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