The Top 50 Voices in 3D+AR+VR

We are excited to debut our inaugural Top 50 Voices list highlighting the experts driving the conversation in 3D, VR and AR. A global collection of leaders, thinkers, and innovators who we believe are the standout voices in our industry today.

From tech futurists and business leaders to game designers and developers, these unique voices are sparking conversation about important industry topics and helping to build a bigger, better XR community along the way.

By scanning the QR code on the website, or visiting the Trophy link from their mobile device, users are brought to an interactive 3D Trophy using Threedium’s 3D & AR platform. The limited-edition 3D NFT Trophy will be made available to all of the award recipients.

The top 50 Trophy will be restricted to 50 NFTs in Total.

10 NFT Trophy's x The Top 10 Voices <br> 40 NFT Trophy’s x The Top Voices

The Full list of the Top 50 Voices is featured at: