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thr33zi3s Generation 3

Each thr33zi3s is unique. Individually composed and hand painted trait combinations are algorithmically and generatively assigned based on the transaction of the original purchase on NiftyGateway. Traits are taken from the 1400 different paintings that currently compose the thr33som3s universe. thr33som3s has no input in the assignment of the particular traits of a thr33zi3s. He simply paints what the algorithm dictates. Grouping and interaction of the designated traits is left to thr33som3s' artistic direction. These are truly generative hand-painted collectibles, a first in the space. Also unique to the project, collectors can burn traits for specific utilities in the thr33som3s universe, prompting thr33som3s to alter the original painting and re-mint the NFT with the applied changes. thr33zi3s holders also have the option to burn the NFT in exchange for the original physical painting. This can be done at any stage of trait alteration until the completion of the final thr33zi3s

Aug 2023
Creator earnings