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Alexandra Lier - The Worlds Fastest NFT - Collection of 100 Speedseeker pictures

“The Worlds Fastest Place” is Alexandra Lier´s third award winning fine art book. The book (and accompanying NFT collection) features a combination of digital and analog photography, paired with stories and history from the Great Salt Lake Desert.

For “The World's Fastest NFT'' collection, I travelled over ten years to the Bonneville Saltflats next to Wendover, Utah/USA capturing the entire scene. It is a tribute to the true Speedseekers who race into their 80's at speeds up to 450 mph (~724 km/h) fueled by unconditional devotion, persistence and friendship. An inspiring world, which shows that it is never too early or too late to find your true passion.

When the collection is sold out, i will print a second edition of the book and all Initial collectors will receive a physical fine art book with original motor sounds. You can check out the book here:

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