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THE WAY - Zodiac Seasons


The WAY is a series of NFT collectibles depicting a wide varieties of oriental spiritual and metaphysical culture, representing the guiding principles and protective values for 5000 uninterrupted years. The graphics convey the philosophy and mystical charm that pervade our daily life of harmony and interaction with nature. The WAY is “To Be”.

Zodiac Seasons

Ancient Chinese agricultural society has always been sensitive to seasonal changes and elemental forces affecting crops and livelihood in the fields from the effect of the moon and movement of the Sun. A zodiac year is a system of 24 solar terms each of 15 days, and each comprises of 3 stages depicting the characteristic responses of the earth to the changing season.

The WAY presents a collection of graphics of notable cultural value to correspond to each solar term, as powerful reminders of a sustainable and harmonious lifestyle, and to accompany and protect us from the challenging elements of the varying seasons.

Feb 2022
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  • Zodiac: Rabbit