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The Wall`s Discourses

These photographs are part of the project The Wall`s Discourse and Art Education , conceived in India in 2014. The general lines of the project are the following.

“The wall is my master” Anonymous author.

Why the walls? What special do the walls have? What can be learned from the walls? What can be found on the walls? Why must the wall’s importance be considered? What connections are there between the walls and the art? The walls are free places, public surface as well as art support. The public canvas for street art, graffiti, posters, stickers, rare textures, strokes, traces, expressionist gests, and the passing of time. Erosion, scrapped surface, all together are a real visual discourse, usually unnoticed. In this way, it is believed that one of the most amazing Art function is the unconcealment of quotidian life. The walls contains the history record, they are silent witnesses, an important part of contemporary spontaneous aesthetic.........

Oct 2022
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