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The Skull Vase Collection

About this collection

The Skull Vase (Vas Cranii) Collection is a first of its kind literary-themed PFP NFT project. A stunning collection of 8,008 generative NFTs set to pave the way for a whole new genre of art in the NFT Ecosystem. Inspired by the Latin maxim Morte Vita Est ~ In Death there is Life , each Vas Cranii is an artistic symbolism of life as it flourish with a myriad of colors while entwined with the eminence of death. A thought-provoking project evoking a profound appreciation for the delicate harmony between life and death.

3.8% minted305 / 8,008
The Skull Vase Project

The first literature-themed PFP projects on the NFT Ecosystem. Showcasing the cohesive fusion of art and literature, it is a thought-provoking concept that will appeal to collectors who appreciate the finer things in life.

A huge collection of 8,008 unique Skull Vases showcasing an assortment of more than 700 iconic original and adapted Latin Dictums.

With more than 900 unique traits, it is definitely on a whole new level of collection diversity.

More than just an NFT

We have a clear vision to establish a compelling brand identity for Vas Cranii™ Collection. In collaboration with talented artists and branding agencies, our primary objective is to curate an assortment of merchandise that will captivate our community. Embarking on this exciting journey, our mission is to cultivate a dynamic community, fully immersed in the spirit of our project. Together, we will forge an unforgettable brand experience that resonates with every individual. Join us on this remarkable adventure and become a part of a vibrant community that embraces the extraordinary.

We envision to use our platform to promote hope and support for philanthropic initiatives. We believe that the power of NFTs lies not just in their ability to create value, but in their ability to connect people and inspire change. As an affirmation of our sincere desire to do our part, the team has pledged significant portion of the sales from our collection to charitable institutions focused on education and literacy programs for children from underserved communities. We hope to make a real and lasting impact by educating and empowering our future leaders and we believe that together we can create a movement of change that will resonate far beyond our project and make a meaningful contribution to the world.