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Thereidoscope by Daïm Aggott-Hönsch

Art Blocks Collection: Presents

Heritage Art Blocks Collection: Playground

Project Description: Mathematics goes deeper than we are taught. The square roots of negative numbers point us towards the shallows of an abyss, as the simple number line expands into the complex plane. Stranger still, that plane is INHABITED, filled with microbe-like entities, among others, waiting to be reified by the right algorithmic invocation. Each work in this apeirographic series is at once a dynamic work of art and an interactive instrument of insight into some of the biomorphic inhabitants of the mathematical realm. Touch the centre to pause and resume the dynamic aspects of the Thereidoscope. Touch the top and bottom to zoom into and out of the biomorphs shown, and the sides to reset the zoom level. Every Thereidoscope is a work of generative fine art and a thoughtful example of slow art, aiming to intertwine the benefits of static and dynamic works, creating an ever-changing experience tempered by aesthetic cohesion that offers something new every time one looks, but without loudly demanding constant attention. Being resolution, aspect ratio, and framerate independent, Thereidoscopes offer a visually consistent experience on different devices and screen sizes; but are intended to be experienced on large, high resolution displays as long-term/permanent installation pieces.

Feb 2022
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