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Stage I - "simple BLOCKOS" 20% of the "initial trade" go to Medecins sans Frontieres as an donation Every following trade has a royalty of 8% - from that 20% go to Medecins sans Frontieres
So the whole thing keeps charity-based

Stage II - launching another collection of more elaborat BLOCKOS !!!They'll get pretty extravagant!!!

Stage III - BLOCKO 3D - Modells based on Stage II + usable in differen Games / Worlds

Stage IV - Collaboration with 3D-Artists to lift BLOCKO to a whole new level! (explicit content not available yet)

In the future there will be unique physical stuff to buy too - shirts, exclusive Art-prints, single piece sculptures, and so on..

                     + the charity-aspect will stay in every Stage, but with changing non-profit organisations!

                     - Keep in touch - follow for more - spread this project -
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Jan 2022
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