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The Possessed

P4SD Labs has been experimenting on 10,000 willing Test Subjects in order to enhance their creativity. Unfortunately experiments have resulted in a major side effect, becoming Possessed! As a result, each Subject has become animated, constantly switching between two states, Blessed and Possessed. You can switch this on-chain, to what you feel represents you most.

|||| PHOTOSENSITIVITY WARNING |||| The following content may cause adverse health effects to those with history of seizures and epilepsy. Discretion is advised...

|||| RARITY WARNING |||| Due to experiments such as the Transfusion Room, which allows you to add, remove and swap traits, rarity rankings will always be subject to change in the collection and so whilst we understand rarity is important to some people, it has never been the focus of the collection, as we strongly believe in the power of creativity and experimentation. However if you care about rarity, we will never change the distribution of Blood Type.

Jun 2022
Creator earnings
  • Earring: Boxer