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Mutants Cat

Long time ago in the universe, a giant cat lived on the venus. It is a terrestrial planet and made up of solid rocks and metal, one day venus hit by other planet and collapse and released alot of energy that the cat did not stop to producing little cats. Not being able to transform all this energy, the cat exploded after giving the 100 birth and all the little cats were expelled into the solar system.

Some ended up on Earth, others in space ships(we are also searching for them too). The radiation from the venus and the energy released by the cat during its explosion mutated the all little cats, giving them a different appearance.

To survive after this shock, the little cats (that's how we called them) found various objects to replicate themselves. The little cats landed in populated areas and blended in with the different species, adopting the different way of life.

These little cats are among us!!

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Feb 2022
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