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The Mumzels

Do you sometimes hear strange noises on the roof at night when you wake up? that's the Mumzels

my father used to tell me about the Mumzels and since then I have been looking for them. in 2012 I had written a children's book about the Mumzels and now 10 years later I want to show you the discovered Mumzels as an NFT collection. so that you can collect them too.

This 2D Mumzel collect will contain 50 different mumzels No.1 to No. 50. with all a different Rarity Level 1 t/m 5 there are also 10 Mumzels without text in this collection with rarity level 5

Rarity Levels: Level 1 has 75 copies level 2 has 50 copies level 3 has 25 copies level 4 has 5 copies level 5 has 1 copie

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Feb 2022
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  • Picture: With text