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The Glass House

The photographs in this chronological series were created in Kabul, Afghanistan, in 2009. I overheard a local refer to the city as a “Glass House,” meaning that although the capital was somewhat secure, perhaps due to the American military and its’ NATO allies, there was a risk of instability as the country was at war. A kind of fragility, that at any moment there may be an attack anywhere in the city. Indeed, while I was there car bombs were a reality, exploding in front of embassies and other public spaces on several occasions. Today, after two decades at war with America, the Taliban have resumed power and the future of the country hangs in the balance, with 70% of the populace under 25 years of age. A portion of the proceeds from these NFTs will go to aid organizations operating on the ground, such as Women for Afghan Women, M.S.F. and the I.C.R.C. (Note: Seven photographs were burned from the initial collection due to challenging content. #32 was sold at )

Sep 2021
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