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The CubeMelts

Starting off as a webcomic, CubeMelt now has an animated series, with Season 2 launching in 2023. Now, this fan-favourite trademarked ice cube brand will be brought to Web 3.

Join the coolest community of 8,888 NFTs, which provide holders brand ownership and utility tokens to unlock “frozen assets”.

Thanks to Web3, CubeMelt will never melt again. Lightbulb has invented a portal that will teleport him immediately to the North Pole! Happily ever after is finally within reach for these two lovers.

Except… it’s not. The portal malfunctions and CubeMelt arrives in a Meltiverse, where he meets CubeMelt, CubeMelt and more CubeMelts!

While figuring out how to return to where they came from, the CubeMelts carry on their spirit of living life to the coolest, bringing joy and hope to each other with their never say die attitude.

Spread the love with your very own CubeMelt as they explore the Meltiverse.

Sep 2022
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