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The CryptoMoms

CryptoDads & CryptoMoms bring together some of the best parts of web3 and life: networking, family, $STEAK, beer, laughs with just the right amount of degen.

Stake your Dads and Moms to earn $STEAK, a token that you can exchange for NFTs, IRL items (like beer!), AL spots, and NFT trait changes!

We have embraced dynamic NFTs and metadata changes by adding new traits to our $STEAK Shop! IMPORTANT! Rarity changes constantly!

Our project has been amongst the most successful at onboarding and welcoming new people to NFTs through our NFT Toolbox initiative. The team has created step-by-step videos covering the basics of getting into the NFT space.

CryptoDads Official Website

Discord AKA: The Cave

CryptoDads Brand IP is owned by CryptoDads LLC

Owners have commercial rights to their owned CryptoDads

Oct 2021
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