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The Carpathian Brown Bear

LAUNCHED in August 2022, The Carpathian Brown Bear is a collection of unique Bears NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain as fun. Built to unite the Bears` Metaverse, this new collection of 3D NFTs with 4K super high resolution will include a well-known figure in both the fictional and real realms, the brown bear!

  • Yo' Bears, there is a special guests too! Be careful! They are in great demand. Stay focused! -Money from the Brave ukrainian soldier ID #4 will be donated to Army of UA IF will be sold. If not, we will keep it as fun too. Proof of donation will be post our official twitter.

Make sure you understand NFTs without utility! This is a NFTs collection without any utility so can be use for fun, as gifts, print on T-shirt,trade your self or if you are lucky, someone like your NFT image and want pay the price for it. We do not promise any gains from our NFTs as long as no utility on this project but we can play and trade our self if you wanna show your friends "how lucky you was:)

Aug 2022
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